About Us

Our story Background

Unleash the Growth potentials for Organizations in Tanzania

Utel Global Company Ltd (Utel) is a Tanzanian Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company incorporated in 2015 under the certificate of Incorporation number NO: 120880.

We started operations with only 60 employees but we have gradually developed and now have over 300 dedicated and hardworking employees focusing on meeting the client’s needs. We have a vibrant management team assisted by experienced professionals to deliver on our premises to our customers.

Utel specializes in the provision of Telecom Base Stations Surveillance & Security Services, Data Verification (electronic Know Your Customer eKYC), Workforce management and Call center Services. We also offer ICT Technical support, Professional Trainings and Consultancy services.

Vision & Mission

Our Why


Our Vision

To become the company of choice in the provision of high quality and most satisfying support services globally.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible services and improving it on daily basis.

Enhancing Businesses to reach new heights of Profitability.

Our Core Values


Unlike many other vendors in the market, Utel is a local company. This means we have advantage of understanding local needs of clients better than another vendor in the country.


The spirit of working while depending on each other in performing daily responsibilities, always tells us that nothing is impossible and that is why we always say “We are Making it Possible”.


We always invest on doing the right task right, and delivering the best is our core value. That is why we always say “We are Making it Possible”.


The Company is governed by faithfulness, devotion and trust to each other and to our clients as well.